Is it safe to provide my Farmer Public Key and Pool Contract?

Yes, you can share your public keys. It cannot be used to access your confidential data. However, do not share your private keys with anyone under any circumstances.

How can I find my Farmer Key?

If you are on MacOS or Linux run terminal application and type the following:

chia keys show

If you are using Windows run CMD and type commands shown below:

cd %APPDATA%\..
dir Local\chia-blockchain

The version of installed Chia software will be listed. Run the following command but adjust version to one you have installed. "1.2.0" is a part you may need to change.

Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.2.0\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon\chia.exe keys show

How can I find my Pool Contract?

The procedure is almost the same as for the farmer key. The only change is the different command that needs to be run. If you are on MacOS or Linux type the following:

chia plotnft show

If you are using Windows type:

Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.2.0\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon\chia plotnft show

After the command is executed, information about the pool will be displayed, and the key is in the line starting with "P2 singleton address (pool contract address for plotting)".

How long does it take to get my plots?

We sell our processing capacity up to 72 hours ahead, so your plots will start being created in this range of time.

How will I download my plot files?

When the first plot is ready you will receive an email notification with link to page where downloads are. You have seven days to download a plot, starting from date of its creation. We recommend using a download manager so you can continue downloading if your connection drops.

What is your process like?

In order to eliminate the possibility of human error the entire process from the purchase, through generation of plots, to the availability of the downloads, is automated. We use the MadMax plotter to deliver your files as soon as possible.

What plots do you create?

We create K32 portable pool plots.

What is the bandwidth of your network?

The network bandwidth is 1Gbps.